Feasibility Studies

Regional Cluster Development Study: The purpose of the Study was to develop an overall Investment Attraction Strategy that is specific to the Alberta HUB region, including sub-strategic considerations for each of the following Industry Sectors: Energy, Agriculture, Defense, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Tourism. As part of the Study, 11 investment opportunities were investigated as are shown below. For more information on these opportunities, contact the Alberta HUB.

  1. Brand Name Hotel Development
    There is a strong demand for more brand name hotel facilities from a wide range of customers that visit the region, and residents of the region. The opportunity also has significant cross-sector benefits for the Alberta HUB region and numerous tie-ins with other industry sectors.
  2. Safety Supply Outlet
    Oil and gas is the largest industrial sector in the region with extended impact on all other sectors. One of those sectors is Retail. This is a limited retail opportunity for a safety supply outlet with potential for expansion in the right location and economic circumstance.
  3. High End Recreational Vehicle Park
    Similar to the Brand Name Hotel Development, the need for regional accommodations for tourists and workers makes this venture a natural fit for the region. More than one RV Park could be developed, as there is a need in several areas. And there are numerous potential tie-ins to other tourism attractions.
  4. Primary Agriculture Value-Added Association (and Sub-Opportunities)
    The research and capital necessary to start new agriculture enterprises can be significant, especially in some of the high potential areas like bio products and bio energy. Pooling resources and ideas in an association is a method of business development recommended by many sector stakeholders, including government specialists that can help with access to sizable funding programs.
  5. Less than Load (LTL)Trucking Service
    The LTL trucking service is a smaller opportunity with great potential for expansion. There is cross-sector need for such a service. It requires relatively little capital input but has a significant growth potential for the right investor – likely an owner operator to begin with.
  6. Film Industry
    There is long term potential for film industry in the Alberta HUB region, especially with extensive possible tie-ins to the tourism sector. It is an industry that should be looked at on a grass roots basis, where a regional or community organization can provide information to individual people interested in renting their property for filming.
  7. Aboriginal Tourism
    This is a burgeoning field with a number of opportunities for interested First Nations and Métis Settlements. The ground work exists with successful aboriginal attractions in the region, supportive Destination Marketing Organizations, and a variety of government programs and incentives. Opportunities like a fishing lodge and aboriginal-themed restaurants should be explored further.
  8. Recreational Water Park
    A water park is a concept that would be viable as a public-private partnership. Such a facility could be operated as part of a recreation or aquatic centre, and should be located in an area with other tourism tie-ins.
  9. Class 1 Driver School
    There is a solid case for development of a class 1 driver’s school in the Alberta HUB region, especially if it is able to form close partnerships in the Energy and Transportation sectors. The school would serve a vital need in the region, and could provide an expandable business for a dedicated owner/operator.
  10. Defense Sector Tourism Opportunities
    Exercise Maple Flag is normally a six-week international air combat exercise held annually at 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta. Maple Flag 43 provides Canadian and Allied aircrew with realistic training in a modern simulated air combat environment, and emphasizes air operations involving large package coalition forces. Hundreds of military personnel are expected to participate in the exercise, and many air enthusiasts from around the world attend. There are tourism opportunities and multiple cross marketing opportunities available based on the unique assets of the base.
  11. Regional Employment Agency
    There is sometimes a lack of sufficient candidates for jobs in the Energy, Agriculture and Manufacturing sectors in the Alberta HUB region. Employee attraction and retention can be an issue due to the opportunities in the region and across the province. An employment agency specializing in skilled trades (and professionals) would be an attractive business.