Sector Overviews

The Alberta HUB region enjoys a diverse economy with a wide range of investment and business opportunities.  Below is a snapshot of the major industry sectors within the region. For more detailed sector information, review our Sector Profiles or Investor Resources.


Oil rig in the Alberta HUB region.The Alberta HUB region is located on one of the largest oil and gas reserves in Alberta. The region covers the entire Cold Lake Oil Sands area as well as overlapping into the southern part of the Athabasca Oil Sands. Steam Assisted Gravity Drain (SAGD) technology has been developed to enhance the ability to recover oil in the Alberta HUB region. View Sector Profile.


The Alberta HUB region is deeply rooted in agriculture from the Ukrainian pioneers, who first settled north of present-day Lamont to the Barr Colonists in the Kitscoty area. With over 5,100 farms, the Alberta HUB region holds 10% of the province’s farms, which produces over 10% of the province’s cattle, 12% of the province’s bison and 15% of the province’s elk. The Alberta HUB region is home to Lakeland College with one of the largest college-operated farms in Canada located at the Vermilion Campus.
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Hemp Opportunity

The Alberta HUB region is a excellent  choice for growing and processing industrial hemp.
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The Alberta HUB region has an innovative and vibrant manufacturing sector including Ready To Move (RTM) homes, truss plants, salt, peat moss, refuse containers, garments for the oil and gas industry and specialized equipment for the heavy oil industry including Progressive Cavity Pumps, which are exported around the world.


Highway 36 sign in Alberta HUB region.The Alberta HUB region is strategically located in the triangular corridor between the high population center of Edmonton, the Saskatchewan border, and the resource rich areas of Northeastern Alberta. A number of vital supply chains run through the region, creating new opportunities in trucking, rail, warehousing, and for the utilization of airport assets in and around Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake. Alberta HUB has eight airports through-out the region. Alberta HUB is a major part of the Eastern Alberta Trade Corridor, which is a 2,300 mile highway system from the Gulf of Mexico through the United States to the Alberta HUB region.
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Tourism assets in the Alberta HUB region include over 150 lakes, including Alberta’s 6th and 7th largest lakes and 20% of Alberta’s white sand beaches. Numerous business opportunities wait for tourism entrepreneurs.
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Aerospace and Defense

Cold Lake CFB Base Jet Fly-Over

Cpl A. Stuparyk ©2012 DND-MDN Canada

The Alberta HUB is home to the Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake 4-wing with an operating budget of over $106 million. World class aerospace companies that are located in the region include Bombardier, CAE and L3 Communications. For business opportunities with the Cold Lake Air Force Base, please visit