Aboriginal Partner Opportunities

Aboriginal Business

Alberta HUB is a strong supporter and advocate for Aboriginal owned and operated businesses, which in turn result in significant economic benefits to the aboriginal communities involved and the Alberta HUB region in general.  Aboriginal communities have proven experience and success in investment partnership opportunities. For more information on business opportunities with First Nations and Métis communities, visit our Community Investment Fact Sheets.

Aboriginal Environmental Services Network

Looking for information on training, technology, and resources related to supporting Indigenous involvement in the Environmental Services sector? Look no further than the Aboriginal Environmental Services Network (AESN) website!

The AESN was established to fulfill a community, government, and industry need for skilled people, available locally, to conduct environmental monitoring, wildlife surveys, traditional land use studies, vegetation management, climate change adaptation activities, and reclamation.

Northeast Alberta Apprenticeship Initiative

The Government of Alberta recognizes the opportunity First Nations and Métis community populations represent  for the regional labour force. As such, the Northeast Alberta Apprenticeship Initiative (NEAAI) was launched in collaboration with industry and the Tribal Chiefs Employment and Training Services Association.

The NEAAI is a First Nation-driven project and is designed to provide Aboriginal people with essential skills training, trades preparation, jobs, entry into apprenticeship programs, trade certification and the opportunity to address labour challenges in the province.

To learn more about First Nations and Métis communities, and their role in the region’s economic development, please visit the following sites: