Newcomer Support

Once you have arrived in Alberta, there is additional newcomer support available to you to ensure your ongoing success as a newcomer to Alberta and the Canadian culture. This support includes a newcomer guide, how to stay connected with your culture, housing programs, employment and language services, to name a few.

Welcome to Alberta: Information for Newcomers is a guide that provides useful information for settling, working and living in the province. The publication covers a wide range of topics, including housing, employment, education, health care, climate, banking, shopping, transportation, child care, the legal system and social customs.

Stay Connected with your Culture

Alberta HUB is a multicultural society, which is reflected in the diverse cultures found in our communities. We want you to remain proud of, and interested in, your ethnic culture. Keeping cultural connections to your homeland can help adjust to your new home while feeling that your original home is not too far away. Find an Immigrant-Serving Agency to help keep your cultural connections strong.

Housing Programs

For more information on available housing options in the Alberta HUB region or housing assistance programs, visit the Housing section or our online community profiles.


Finding the right job for you is critical in your relocation, as such, we have developed a comprehensive Employment section of the website called, “Working Here”. In this section you will find information and tools for your career search and development, as well as employment support organizations and programs.

Language Services

The diverse heritage of our residents makes our region unique and strong. As such, we welcome all cultures and want to ensure we are providing English language support services should they require them. There are Literacy and Learning Programs and Language Training in the province. Find the one that is right for you.