Temporary Foreign Workers

Your business may require you to extend you recruitment efforts beyond your own province or country. Hiring temporary foreign workers to supplement your existing team has many benefits, such as:

  • Reducing downtime and lost revenue due to unfilled roles;
  • Increasing productivity and revenue with a fully operating workforce; and
  • Creating a cross-cultural learning experience for both local and foreign employees.

How do you get started? There are programs available both at the provincial and federal level for Alberta employers considering hiring foreign labour. It is important to first understand what the Temporary Foreign Worker program is and how it works by visiting these sites:

Although the province and the Alberta HUB remains committed to hiring Albertans and Canadians first, attracting skilled immigrants that Alberta needs is an important part of addressing labour pressures. To assist employers with the Temporary Foreign Worker program and application process, there are advisory and support services through local Temporary Foreign Worker Advisory Offices.  You can also find useful information specific to Employers and Employees participating in the program.

For foreign workers looking to attain permanent residence, the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program was designed to support Alberta’s economic growth by attracting work-ready immigrants to the province.