Why Work Here

There are many reasons why Albertans, Canadians and Out-of-Country workers choose the HUB region to grow and develop their careers. Here are just a few.

Booming Economy – The Alberta HUB region is situated on the Cold Lake Oil Sands area, which is the second largest oil sands deposit in Canada and overlaps into the Athabasca Oil Sands area, which is the largest deposit in Canada. The Oil and Gas industry is driving major investment and demand for employees throughout the entire Alberta HUB region and across all industries. Did you know that every dollar invested in the Alberta Oil Sands creates about $8.00 worth of economic activity? For more information on the Oil Sands, visit Alberta.ca.

Low Income Taxes – Albertans enjoy the lowest overall taxes and the highest disposable incomes in Canada. With the booming oil and gas industry in the Alberta HUB region, average household incomes have risen across all industries to attract and retain a qualified labour force.

Diverse Opportunities – There are growing infrastructure, and public and private service needs within our region as new residents arrive. As such, diverse employment opportunities exist across many industries including, but not limited to, Oil and Gas, Construction, Retail, Hospitality, Health Care, and Professional and Other Services industries. For careers in-demand or to find specific job opportunities, visit the Career Search and Development section.

Employment Support – There is no shortage of support available to those seeking to enhance or upgrade their skills, or to have access to employment consultants and available jobs that best match their qualifications.  From local employment centres to top notch post-secondary educational institutions to government-assisted programs, the Alberta HUB region has what you need to succeed. See the Employment Support section for more details.

Link to Video: Building Alberta’s Workforce